Am/Can Ch. Van Orman’s Come Fly With Me “Ava”

wil be bred to 

Am. Ch. Foxfire’s I’m A Hot Shot “Hades”

Ava will be bred to the handsome Hades late October 2019!   Blacks and reds expected.  Watch for updates!

All puppies from this litter will be sold cropped, no exceptions.

Hades x Ava


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents


Am.Ch. Foxfire’s I’m A Hot Shot



GCH. Alisation The Flight of the Phoenix LC-10D

Ch. Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J’s LC-12-D
Ch. Gemstone Ravenna Alisaton Cortina
Ch. Foxfire’s I’m All That, CDRE MX MXJ MXF BFL-1 LC-11L BIS/BISS GCH. Foxfire’s Love Monster CD ROM LC-10D BFL-1
Ch. Foxfire’s All That Jazz LC-12D


 Am/Can. Ch. Van Orman’s Come Fly With Me

BIS GCHB Van Orman’s I Want It All CGC, DS, CA Ch. Van Orman’s News Flash
Van Orman’s Black Velvet v Demiras
CH Van Orman’s Star of Dixie
Van Orman’s Veni Vidi Vici
Ch Van Orman’s Flash Back LC-10L BFD-1BFL-1
TEST Ava Hades
VWD Carrier (DNA) Carrier
Hips OFA Excellent  OFA Good
Elbows OFA Normal
Thyroid  Normal Normal
CERF (eyes)  December 2017 NORMAL

OVC Dec 2017 No Abnormalities

2019 Holter

2017 Echo Normal

Holter 2019

DVDDOB (ding) Carrier N/A
 DM  Clear (Embark)
Liver 2017 Normal Normal
Kidney 2017 Normal Normal