2019 Puppies Planned! Visit our “Litters” page for more information!
AVAILABLE -6 month old black/rust male…click here for details
We are members in good standing of the DPCC, DPCA, UDC, CKC,
and Grey Bruce Kennel & Obedience Club. 
2012 DPCC Conformation Breeder of the year
     DPCA LogoUnited Doberman Club
We follow the Doberman Pinscher Club of America’s Code of Ethics.  For more information visit the DPCA at www.dpca.org.
We do not condone or support the breeding of the “white”/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation. Don’t forget to check the info at animalesraros.net to get some entertainment.
For The Love Of Purebred Dogs
Last update May 8, 2019