**Planned Litter News*
If you are interested in a puppy, please review our expectations below…
PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in a puppy from Gatehouse…..
1.  First and foremost, our dogs are family members.  While we strive to produce a dog for us to keep back and show and do other fun stuff with, most of our puppies go to families.  Temperament is very important to us.  We do not sell dogs to guard businesses.
2.  We do not ship puppies to people we do not know.  It is important that we meet you.  If you are not close enough to drive to our home and meet us and our dogs we may make an exception with a home visit from someone we trust who lives close to you.
3.  It is important to me that you carefully consider the purchase of your puppy.  I do not send puppies home the same day we meet.  If you do not have references from someone we know, or you have not had a home visit from someone we trust, please don’t expect to take the puppy home the first visit with us.  I believe it is important to at least “sleep on it” and not rush into this decision.
4.  We do not take deposits on our puppies.  If you are on our waiting list, we will contact you when the breeding has taken place. If you are still interested we will update you once the pups are born and send you our puppy agreement at that time.  It is very important to us that we find the perfect home for each puppy, not about who has a deposit with us the longest.
5.  Please do your research on the breed.  There are many good resources on our “links” page.  The doberman was bred to protect man. It is not the same as a Golden Retriever.  It is important to know that the doberman is not the breed for everyone.  I recommend reviewing the breed standard.
6.  We require stable, permanent, knowledgeable  homes for our puppies.  It is important that you have your own residence and a fenced yard.  If you do not have a job, and your day involves getting up around noon and playing Xbox and then spending time with your friends, we do not have a dog for you.
7.  Our puppies are $4500, including ear crop while available in Ontario.  Please note that we cannot guarantee your puppy will be cropped at this time due to COVID-19.
8. If you believe you can offer one of our pups a great home, please join our mailing list! We will be sending out updates as we finalize our plans.